Proud to add jobs in tough times: Hockey

Proud to add jobs in tough times: Hockey

Treasurer Joe Hockey is proud that more than 300,000 jobs have been created over the past two years, even though the economy has suffered its biggest fall in its terms of trade in history.


Mr Hockey has just attended a G20 finance ministers meeting in Turkey, where there was a further commitment to pursue programs to raise world growth under an agreement made when Australia held the forum’s presidency in 2014.

“It was a great source of pride that everyone was talking about Australia’s leadership and the decisions taken in Australia,” Mr Hockey told AAP from Istanbul on Sunday.

“There is more work to be done but we have made a positive difference to world growth and that was recognised.”

Tony Abbott was more modest and is going to leave judgment on the second anniversary of his prime ministership up to the Australian people.

But he’s rather proud his government, elected on September 7, 2013, can count free trade deals with three of Australia’s major trading partners among the “very significant achievements to its credit”.

“These are historic changes that will set Australia up for decades to come,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Canberra on the eve of his second anniversary.

However, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was marking a different anniversary for Mr Abbott on Sunday: two years since the prime minister promised no cuts to education, health or public broadcasters and no changes to pensions or the GST.

“After two years of being lied to by this government, Australians know Tony Abbott’s promises mean nothing,” Mr Shorten said.

Labor frontbenchers issued a flurry of statements on Sunday to note what they believed were failings of the Abbott government in each portfolio area.